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A4F 101: Meet the Talkers

In this, our premier episode of Answers for Freelancers!, we hosts take a moment to introduce ourselves to you. Why? So that you will understand that you SHOULD LISTEN TO US! At the time we recorded this show, we had more than 50 years of experience between the three of us. Actually, at this point, eight years after we first launched this project, we’re at more than 75 years between the three of us. Keep that in mind when we say that the episodes left in this feed are the ones we felt are still relevant today.

Of course, if we got 75 first year students we could say pretty much the same thing, so take the numbers as you see fit.

Anyway, as we listened to this episode to determine which should remain archived for public consumption and which should be permanently retired, we had a few good chuckles, and cringe or two, and a lot of uncertainty by the end. Eventually, we chose to leave it here because first, its our premiere episode, second, its does a fairly good job of introducing each of us to you so at least you know who we are, and third, because by contrasting this episode to the rest, the rest sound even better. :)

First, we had an audio bed set for the entirety of the episode. For this, we apologize to good taste everywhere.

Second, enjoy the sound effects. They’ll be around as major costars for several shows before they decide that they’re such hot talent that they begin demanding certain brands of bottled water, M&Ms in limited color palettes, and eventually the writers have them all killed off one by one. Its OK. We’re sure they’ll BOUNCE back and find a comedy or children’s podcast to call home. We do bring a few back from time to time for nostalgia’s sake, but overall they disappear during the first season.

In this episode, we also introduce several of our ‘characters’. A fictional news reporter, Lance Panstrom, and Carl and Melman, our crew from the mail room. We had wanted to go with more comedy sketches overall, but in the end, the time it took to write, record and edit these bits was just too consuming. Lance showed up a few more times during the first season, and then we think, not at all after that. Carl and Melman appear from time to time to help us out with reading our mail, and you just never know when they will show up.

We also introduced the ‘closing song‘ concept to this show, something that simply would not last for several reasons. First, we’re not a music podcast, so there was very little rhyme or reason to our selection. Also, choosing a new song every episode took time and added length to shows that, especially the interviews, were already quite lengthy.

There were two things that did stay with the show format we created here.

One was the addition of ads for other podcasts. Being part of the podcasting community, we all had our favorite shows, and were more than happy to help other show creators get the word out about their shows.

The other was the introduction of one of our favorite segments, the Wheel of Misfortune. It is not the creation of great art that draws us to each other, but rather the battle scars, war stories, and harrowing escapes that binds the souls of all creatives together. It shows that there are none of us that emerge unscathed, and reminds us that we all eventually fall prey to time and unforeseen occurrences. They also provide a good laugh and a great spirit of camaraderie.

Show Notes:
Intro by Rob Walch of Podcast411.com – inside the podcaster’s studio.

Guest Musician: RD Roth and the Issues @ cdbaby.com

7th Son – Podcast novel and original fiction from J.C. Hutchins

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